How to use JS brand Edger S320

S320 2

S320 is a floor grinding machine, which is suitable for grinding and polishing floor corners and small areas.

The machine head can be positioned left and right, and there is no dead angle in grinding .

Safe use:

Before using the machine, the person using the machine must be familiar with the safety instructions are given in this manual,

Please keep this manual near the machine for easy reference.

Safety precautions procedure

1. The floor to be treated must be cleaned, clear of stones, screws, steel bars, etc. Do not use machinery when the surface is not clean and there is a risk of tripping.

2. When dealing with water carrying operation, leakage switches must be connected, unbroken cables must be used, and insulated boots and gloves must be worn.

3. Always connect to the vacuum cleaner when dry grinding.

4. Don’t be disturbed during operation

5. Do not allow people who are not operating to get close to the area around the machine.

6. Do not change anything on the machine.

7. Must use safe and properly grounded cable, make sure the machine is equipped with a grounded connection, do not replace, and always use a grounded cable with a grounded plug.

8. Connect the main power cable to equipment with a leakage circuit breaker.

9. Regularly inspect and test electrical components that must meet the requirements for their application.

10 If you have any questions about the safety of electrical components, please feel free to call a skilled electrician or salesperson.

11. Work on electrical equipment or operating materials should only be carried out by skilled electricians or trained personnel. Unplug the power supply when inspecting and maintaining the machine.

12. Do not operate the machine on wet surfaces. Do not use the machine in the rain.

13. This machine is a high-speed rotating machine, so do not press the machine backward while the machine is running, or press it up and idle.

14 Pushing down and putting down of the mechanical require slowly lowering, and large vibrations can damage machine parts.

15. Please confirm the voltage when purchasing the machine.



Post time: Nov-06-2020
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