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Victoria Solum Systems sunt specialiter area erunt molentes inminuto, politores, burnishers, scrubbers, crystallini vacuums, et pro XV annis. Nostri opificem, & ponendo ipsas in Shanghai, Suzhou, professional Sina in R & D, technica firmamentum, dolor productio et Sales. Et officii nostri products sunt aestimantur elit toto orbe world.JS erunt molentes inminuto pluribus available in diversae magnitudinis, operatio Solum modi repulsi systems demands.JS fretus vestri erunt molentes inminuto Systems sunt maximae range of pavimento domus suae operuitque omnia a parvis ore molentis, S320 ut giant equitem D1200 MOLARIS, in operationem modos available deambulatio post tergum, et equitem remote control, repulsi sunt in systems calces et balteum.

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  • Big ride on floor grinder with high efficiency

    Professional concrete floor grinder and perfect for your huge project 1. Ride on heavy duty, 1450mm working width, significantly improves your working efficiency and save labor; 2. Aluminum alloy gear box and cover; 3. Strong for your tough working environment; 4. Dual rear wheel independently dr...

  • One-stop floor solutions systems

    JS Floor Systems has been established in 2009. Specializing in floor grinders, polishers, burnishers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and diamond tools. Our factory locates in Shanghai & Suzhou, China with professional R&D, technical support, production and sales team. Our service and products...